I'm curious to hear what folks who fly fish have to say about SIK vs. SOT kayaks for me.
I'm in Texas ,so there is a lot of really hot weather. Most of the lakes here are rather large with quite a bit of boat traffic. The SOT's seem as if they would be easier to get in /on and exit from than the SIT's, but in cooler weather kinda chilly hanging completely out in the wind.
My reasoning for wanting to try a kayak runs something like this:
1. My Coleman Crawdad(11'8" kevlar) is too heavy tote around.
2. My wife doesn't like to/isn't available for taking me and the Crawdad to a fishing hole and helping me launch..EVERY TIME I want to go fishing. That alone limits my trips to places very close to home.
3. Crawdad doesn't paddle well with one person. Trolling motor and battery heavy..more junk to carry.
4. Always wanted to try a kayak.
5. I often want to fish in shallow back bays and places where a larger boat can't go.
6. Oh yeah,I'm an above knee amputee,61 with health problems,so I'm looking at a kayak as a means to reach places I am not mobile enough to reach any more. I'm hoping I'll be able to wear my prosthesis to get a lighter yak to the water then remove my prosthesis,stick it in a waterproof/plastic? bag and wrap the bag with pool noodles or somesuch to keep it afloat if I'm dumped.

So I may be loony for wanting a kayak,but which type do y'all recommend

Yep,I've got as many questions about kayaking as I do about fly tying.