Well now that the Classic Winged Wet Fly swap is over it's time for a new one. So here goes. This swap will be for classic streamer patterns only. No Woolley Buggers please. Classic patterns can be any pattern from the Carrie Stevens era or Bergman, Edson and so on. Just no modern streamers. A few more classic streamer examples could be the Black ghost, Ken Lockwood, Black Nose Dace, Thunder creek series, Sushan postman, Queen of the waters, Mickey Fin and so on. Other patterns and ideas can be obtained from the book Forgotten flies. Swap sign-up dead line will be December 31, 2004. Flies to be mailed and received to my house no later than February 12, 2005. Swap will be open to the first 15 tyers. If the swap fills up completely that means you will have to tye a minimum of 14 flies. I will post my mailing address after the swap fills or the sign-up dead line has come and gone. I will need an alternate in the case of a person drops out due to a life happens event. When joining the swap, please let me know what you will be tying A.S.A.P

Thanks a Bunch

Andy B

P.S. The very next post will be the updated list of tyers and patterns they will be tying. I will update this post throughout the swap.

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