I am by no means a seasoned fly fisher as are many on this board so I ask for their assistance. I am trying to decide on whether to buy a 7wt or 8wt outfit. I already have a 5wt that I use for trout in the winter here in oklahom and for perch and bass as the weather warms. I would like to be able to throw some of the bigger bassing flies that are around and dont believe that the 5wt is up to it. I think that I need the bigger outfit to toss the larger flies, but I still want that good fight when I get a bass on without feeling like I am using a stiff board for a pole. I guess it would help for me to know what size range of flies that each weight can comfortably throw, I suppose they are just general guidlines. Hope that makes sense. What reccomendations and guidlines do you have for my situation? thanks okbow