Just finished reading Jack Ellis' Flyrodding for Bass where he advocates using a 4" plastic worm or plastic lizard for bass. I know Tom Nixon also advocated using plastics, and even spinners (gasp!) while fly fishing (that is my next book to read). How many of you use plastics while fly fishing? Do you find it to be succesful? I am worried about the plastic "lure" tearing up on my backcast. How do you find plastic "lures" hold up on the fly rod? I'm wondering if this could be a fly fishing alternative to the senko and drop-shot rigs that have taken the bass fishing world by storm. I'm thinking I might give some of my old plastic worms, lizards, grubs, and other creatures a try this spring. I hope you'll forgive this post that some might see as "blaspemy" and share your experiences with me.

Kevin Smith
Ferriday, LA