I suppose I should really blame Jim. All his talk of monster Gills on Green Weenies on the Fly Tying board. Went and got me all excited, so I tied up about 5 green weenies, and on the suggestion of the pages listing teh recipe I also tied up some pink ones. I decided that since I had the stuff, might as well tie up some yellow and blue ones too. Heck, why not. Used a whole pack of 25 hooks on weenies.

Well, I took em out and tried em. I thought things were going well too. I kept getting hits and I was catching a few of those that hit. I seemed to be getting some short strikes though. I was having fun and thinking Jim was right, except my gills and red ears were smaller, being Omaha and all.

Today I was plying the weeds with them again when I decided that maybe I would go ahead and try one of my favorie buggers too. I tied it on and cast back where I had been fishing and on the 3rd cast a nice 13" Bass nailed it and tried his hardest to wrap up every weed in the area. He got into some too, since I was using the 3wt. Well, I unhooked him and after I stopped shaking I cast right back into the same area, you know, just to see, and WHAM!! another hit. Well, that one was all of 17" and probably close to 3 lbs! It was FAT. I thought I was gonna lose that one, but I brought him to hand and let him go also.

Right back into the same hole and out comes a really nice bull gill. This old boy is starting to grin! Once more and out comes an 8" Bass. That did it for the fishing as it was time to come back to work. Can't complain too much, though. I am still grinning!

Anyway, the point for me is 1 Crappie on a green weenie and nothing on the pink, yellow or blue ones, and then 3 bass and a nice gill on my favorite secret bugger. PTOOEY on them weenies. They got nothin'.


(Okay, so I HAVE been having a lot of fun and catching some smaller gills, red ears and bass on the weenies in other lakes this week, but nothing like I had today!!)

Still Grinnin!