Elkhorn made me mad. Nothing I like more than to rant about poor service and they denied me that opportunity. When they should have told me to RTFM (Read the F'in Manual) instead they called me with the answer. But more than that. Here is the story.

My reel was squeaking. I wanted to lube the cork and wanted to know their prefferred lube, so I emailed them. Then I thought to look in the manual that came with the reel. I found my answer there, in plane and simple english. Made me feel like a jerk for not doing my homework before asking someone else to do it for me.

Okay, before I get a chance to email them and let them know I have my answer, I do not get an email response, but a phone call. Brian left me a voicemail asking me to call him. I called him and told him (or his voicemail) that I was lazy and deserved a dope slap, thank you and consider the case closed.

Then he called again, telling me to look at the reel and verify if there was any cork cracking or peeling or any other issue and if there was to be sure to send the reel back to them.

No the reel was fine, I lubed it and now it has the smooth drag back as I had hoped. To Elkhorn and Brian, thank you for your followup, and your honesty about your produce strengths and weaknesses. It is not often that you get this kind of followup from a company.

Makes me want to buy a third Elkhorn Rod and Reel. They have a 7pc 4wt. that would be perfect for travelling.