Charles Kuralt of the "On the Road with Charles Kuralt" series, he did for CBS News, had this to say about us Minnesotan's.

"A Minnesotan, when they go on vacation, put on a new pair of overalls, and put $10 in the back pocket! They don't change either one, the whole time they are gone!"

Even someone as frugel as myself, is not expecting "Free Hats" with every purchase!

~ Parnelli

"Down in the bottom of the Itty Bitty Pool.
Swam Three Little Fishies, and a Mommy Fishy too.
"Swim", said the Mommy Fishy, Swim if you can.
And they, swam swam, all over the Dam!"

One "Free Hat" per year, so I don't have to do an oil change on the hat band, is enough for me! Whats this about new overalls, the ones I bought 5 years ago, are still just fine and dandy Thank You!

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