This is John Lively, president of the aforementioned club. I know some of you, and don't know others. I'd like to comment on a couple of things that were said in this thread.

1. What happened at the meeting was unfortunate, unpleasant, and shameful and is not encouraged or tolerated by the club. The club is not 'running people off'.. what club would want that? It is like any other group of 20 or so people.. mostly good apples, a few that need polishing, and the occasional bad one. And from time to time, some people choose to leave for various reasons, while others join. If the club is healthy, it thrives on this, rather than is threatened by it.

2. In my opinion, there were two people who were out of line at the meeting. One as described by tyeflies above, and the other who sparked the incident by exclaiming 'This is bullsh%$' a bit too loudly when yours truly was passing around a funding proposal to be debated later in the meeting.

3. Past and present club officers can be faulted for not having a clear policy on guests and what the expectations are re becoming a member or not are, four years after founding the club. This will be addressed over the next few months.

In summary, a regrettable incident, with blame to go around for all involved, share and share alike. I've no interest in fanning the flames, but felt the other side of the story should be told.

4. On the subject of speakers fees. If a person makes some or all of his/her living via fishing (guiding, tying, writing, lecturing, etc.) then generally they expect to be paid to appear at a club event. If fishing is a hobby then generally speaking they do not expect payment. There are no hard rules, but these are the general guidelines we operate under.

5. People who devote time and energy to provide speakers and events for a club do expect something in return beyond 'thanks that was a good talk'. They expect you to contribute some of your time to help realize the goals of the club. Otherwise, why go to all the trouble? The club of course ought to make its mission and goals clear from the outset as well, so the 'implicit contract' is clear.

Thanks for hearing me out.