Since we don't hear of the good things as often as the bad, I would like to share my experience with Griffin Interprises. As we all know they are a supplier of tying tools to several of the sponsers here at FAOL. As some may remember I was looking for a bobbin cradle to add to my vice. Since this isn't a commonly sold accessory from the different on line fly shops etc. I finally had to go to them directly. I acquired the cradle but upon receipt I found that it was missing one of the thumbscrews used to adjust the setup.

To make a long story short a response to my e-mail resulted in the express mailing of a replacement screw. What surprised me was that to make up for any inconvenience that I may have suffered. (I suffered none) they included one of their supreme ceramic bobbins.

Just thought I would pass along this and commend Griffin Interprises for their customer service.

JC, if this is an inappropriate post due to the ad policies feel free to delete. I'll understand.

Michael (Wooly) Woolum
State Certified Hunter Education Instructor
Hickory, MS