Out of morbid curiosity I must admit that I went to that other site. Just to see what the Hoopla was all about. What I found over there was different to put it mildly. The site operator had to post about to much profanity and vulgar pictures that where being posted over there. I also found several negative remarks about this site. That I do not feel the need to honor by repeating.
Now having grown up on the hard side of a hard town and having spent time in the Marine corp. I have seen my share of vulgarity in the pass. And I still enjoy a dirty joke as much as the next guy, or a pretty Lady as much as any one.
However, there is a time and a place for everything. Also I was taught to treat a Lady like a Lady should be treated.
So for those people who want to bring there trash over here and are mad because this site has too much CLASS to allow that kind of treatment. GET OVER IT! And please take your trash away with you. I like this site. I like the feeling of friendship and good clean jokes and advice that I find here.

Every day that I wake up and everything still works. Is a good day.