Hey Jed, Did your buddy laugh before or after he asked if you were ok, (or both)? In my surfcasting learning years, I turned away from a group discussion on the beach in the pitch dark and swung a 3oz bank sinker around 'bolo-style'until it was stopped by my best friends thick skull. It sounded like a broken bat pitch at Fenway Park. I hadn't realized the rig came loose from my outfit until my buddy started cursing me like the truck driver he was. I felt awful, but still almost peed myself laughing. In fact I felt as bad about not keeping a straight face as I did about the lump on his noggin...
P.S. I made my son watch the link too...a picture is worth a thousand words. Hope the subject recovered. I didn't go too far on that link- too disturbing.
"Knowledge is knowing, wisdom is understanding"

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