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    Took some days off work this week and headed several hours south to do some flyfishing with a friend.
    Rained a good portion of the time, and temperatures ranged from mid-60's to 40 degrees F.
    Fished 3 different streams. Caught 11 different species of fish:
    -Rainbow Trout
    -Brown Trout
    -Smallmouth Bass
    -Largemouth Bass
    -Grass Pickerel
    -Northern Rock Bass
    -Longear Sunfish
    -Green Sunfish
    -Creek Chub
    -Bleeding Shiner
    -Striped Shiner

    Striped Shiner and Grass Pickerel were firsts for me. I saw a Palomino/Golden Trout swimming around, but didn't catch it. Saw a few Chain Pickerel...but they usually saw me first and apparently didn't like what they saw. Oddly, I also saw a KOI swim almost right up to me in the river!!

    Here's some of the fish pics:
    Grass Pickerel:

    Northern Rock Bass:

    Bleeding Shiner (caught just one...3 pics of the same individual):

    Creek Chub - Longear Sunfish - Smallmouth Bass:

    Largemouth Bass:

    Striped Shiners:

    Brown Trout:

    Rainbow Trout:

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    David Merical
    St. Louis, MO

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