Hi. I add no weight. This is an emerging pupa pattern. I usually stand mid stream….cast downstream near the stream bank, and let the fly “swing” in the current as that current takes the fly directly downstream from me. I do the same with the other side of the stream.
The trout basically hook themselves.
If I see a surface rise, a few quick false casts to dry it and I let it float into the rise form as a cripple on the surface…..another reason it’s on a light wire hook with no weight.

The emerging Caddis pupa are rising on the way to the surface. This, the casting of it into the slower water near the bank. It will sink a bit and as the current takes it downstream, it will behave like the natural as it will ascend towards the surface. Once it reaches the end of your line, directly below you, it will pulsate as the current moves it around….up and down.