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Thread: Gimp Nymph

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    Default Gimp Nymph

    Gimp Nymph

    Hook - Mustad S80-3906, S82-3906B (or equivalent), sizes 10-16
    Thread - Black
    Tail - Dun hen hackle barbs
    Body - Dubbed with gray rabbit fur
    Wings - Two semi plumes from the base of a Lady Amherst pheasant tippet feather tied flat
    (one on top of the other) over the body and extending to approximately the end of the hook
    Legs - Dun hen hackle tied on as a collar and tied back

    Fish Flies - The Encyclopedia of the Fly Tier's Art - Terry Helleckson

    Semi plume location

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    Very nice Norm, uses some materials that are different at least to me. Thanks for posting

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    ive always thrown away that little feather

    gotta check out the golden pheasant tippets i have for the same feather

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    According to the little pamphlet that came with my first fly tying kit many years go written be the originator of the gimp you an use the feather from the base any soft hackle feather.
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    i dont see why that wont work

    philoplume feathers would also work

    i used the feather identified in the reference book i mentioned and even some online videos use the feather

    Lacey-Gees-Gimp---Winter-2008.pdf (warmwaterflytyer.com)

    post a photo of that pamphlet
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    That's very interesting. Thanks.

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