I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you one and all for the comments. I like your vaccination message Rainbowchaser. I agree.
I'll have 3 modes of transportation on a 14' Starcraft aluminum boat. I have oars, the trolling motor...and a 9.9 Johnson outboard.
I am 78 and didn't want to have to deal with a very heavy battery. Goes to show you....reading data not always the answer. I was mentally against anything over 55ah. But went to Hamilton Marine and they HAD a 105ah deep cycle battery and I found out I could handle it ok! So I have the battery now installed. It is under the front seat and in a Minn Kota battery box. Don't see a reason to be moving it a lot so I think I am ok with it. Sorta heavy but not too bad for me to put it into the boat. I have a battery charger on a rolling cart. So I can charge it still in the boat. I just float my boat off the trailer so no dragging it. Battery is pretty much permanent and fixed in place. uh....my point is "learn by doing" sort of. I meant reading all the data and academics of stuff is not always the best way to make a judgement about something. Go see it somewhere. Reading info about stuff is good....but real life experiencing it can be a game changer.

Anyway.....tks to all for the help. 'tis one of the things that makes this site so worthwhile.......