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    Took my little Winston 3wt out today in search of a few gills and they liked a black pheasant tail nymph... did a cat; I'm guessing he'd go 22-24". I was afraid this might happen in this lake and I was a little worried about the rod; he bent it at least double a few times. I worked him for what seemed like forever - guessing it was somewhere around 15-20 minutes. Finally got him to the shore but the bank there is so steep and the riprap is a little treacherous for my 74-year-old bones. I had my gripper with me but I couldn't figure out how keep the rod up, keep the fish on, and get that gripper on his lip. Finally I knew I had to do what I didn't want to do: wrapped the leader around my hand and got close, but as soon as I reached the gripper for him he gave one last buck and he was gone with my fly and my thingamabob. So, no pic, no fish, no fly...but big fun!

    I did vow to NEVER fish that lake again without my long handle net!

    Oh, and I don't know if there are any pipe smokers around, but the tobacco was Country Squire's Figgy Pudding in a nice old Peterson billiard.
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