I can work with wires ok. I am not sure it is possible for ME to cut down the shaft and refit it to be still good to the head.....or motor. I suppose the best place to cut it shorter is at the head.

I did not explain very well. Different sites say to determine your shaft length....

measure the distance from the top of the bow where it will be mounted....
add 16 inches to that if a Motorguide
add 20 inches to that if a Minn Kota.

I measure 18" plus 20 equals 38. I have a 30" Minn Kota and it is not adequate or deep enough. The motor is mostly in the water....but not always. So I need something deeper. 38 puts it lower but I am not confident in that.
I just watched a youtube on it and that guy said make sure the motor is at least 1 foot under water.....then add the measurement from bow to water......then add the distance you want it to stick up above the bow.....?

THAT comment threw me a little bit. Now I wonder where the head would sit if one just did the Bow to water measurement plus 20"....????

I don't think I want too much shaft sticking up above the bow as I fly fish and wish to keep clutter down....but he meant if you are standing on a deck....you want it up higher to grasp it quickly and easily.

BTW we are talking about Hand tiller....not foot control.

Now I really like the Haswing Black Cayman 12v 48" bow mount 55lbs thrust. But wife says not because it is from China. No place for parts and repairs in the US. Only a warehouse or what ever that ships them out. So getting parts could be very difficult. But all the reviews I have seen are really positive. Nice to be able to control the boat at the bow while at the rear of the boat I think.

I am not really fond of foot control motors. So I have been focusing on hand control.

Anyway....I have used up enough of your precious time already....

tks for commenting