Took the day off and fished 2 creeks.
First creek was a little high and very muddy. Caught 2 creek chubs, a few green sunfish, and a couple dull-colored longear sunfish.

Second creek was little higher, a bit more stained than last time I fished it. Saw fewer grass carp and fewer gar...except one spot that had quite a few shortnose and longnose gar gathered together. Caught one or two Shortnose Gar, and lost several other gar.

I've only caught a couple Longear Sunfish from this creek, and caught one this trip..beautiful!

Caught a Hybrid Striped Bass for the first time in this creek.

Caught some bluegills and a couple green sunfish...and 3 small channel catfish.

Although very few grass carp were seen, I managed to catch 5.