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I am intrigued at the idea of using a synthetic dubbing like this sow scud rainbow dubbing in a dubbing loop to form a thorax, or even an entire fly body. I have a caddis emerger pattern tied that way using SLF Prism fibers that I have great success with. Now, I’m experimenting tying other similar patterns.

In an admittedly small sample size (2 packs of each), I’ve found a noticeable difference between Wapsi Sow/Scud Rainbow dubbing and the Orvis version. The Orvis stuff is absolute crap; even after heavily waxing the thread, I couldn't get it to dub on the thread properly; it can work in a dubbing loop but, even then, it’s a pain and much coarser than the Wapsi product. The Wapsi, used in the pics above, worked great, either dubbed on thread or in a loop. Not sure what kind of binder fur Orvis used but it sure didn't compare to the Wapsi, which I think used antron; the amount of shredded mylar seemed to be the same in both products.