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Thread: Which Boat hull type is the most stable.....?

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    Hull design is a monster-sized topic! Flat bottom jon boats have a lot of "reserve bouyancy" which means they ride nice and flat... until suddenly they don't. For flat calm they are the most stable. When things get nasty they can flip in a heartbeat.

    Semi-vee hulls without chines are very rolly, but in nastier stuff they will continue to stay upright... A deep vee will stay upright in nastier stuff yet and will be more stable than a semi-vee. The trade-offs are many though. Weight, cost, ease of boarding due to high sides, and more.

    My son is building mini-jet-boats with jet ski engines and high sides. 14' long and the bottoms are covered with UHMW plastic for lubrication when running in rocks. Last week we had three people, gear, and a bull moose along for the ride... in a 14" boat! I carried a USCG Master License for 20 years and have a fair bit of sea time.
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