I am in the market for a 14-16' fishing boat. I had a 14' shallow v hull and it was far too tippy. I went to a couple of big lakes here and the wind and waves were just too much for my boat so I sold it. Other people went out in their boats.
Now I always wanted a modified v hull like Lefty Kreh uses in his video of him and Bob Clouser bass fishing. Now I doubt that is the most stable....although he certainly uses it.

There are jon boats with a flat front. Modified v hull almost like a jon boat. V-hull.....Deep V hull.....and Tri Hull. It looks to me like a tri hull is sort of like a catamaran....? Uh....sort of wide at the tip of the boat...and sort of down runners on each side and in the middle.

I have been told the Tri Hull is the most stable. But I thought a deep V would be ok.

I am not going to go out in the ocean with it. But I do indeed place very high priority on the stability in a little bit rough water. I am not going to go and challenge the weather. Just wit my little shallow 14' boat I went to a couple of lakes here where a fly club was having an outing......and I didn't even launch my little boat. Waters just too rough for me.

I would like to know which of the boat hull types would be the most stable. Then I can shop for a boat.

tks to anyone who can help me out.

Incurable Optimist with Insatiable curiosity