Got inspiration from Rob Denson?s Sooty Muddler, and the body color from a nice thread (go to post #17) on dyeing olive on the U.K. forum. It should make a passable Skwala, even though the colors don?t really match the natural; spring trout aren?t all that picky.

hook - WFC Model 6 #6
thread - Veevus 6/0 black
tag - tinsel gold
rib - small wire gold
body - grey squirrel dyed olive (1 Tbs Rit Neon Yellow/1 cup water)
body hackle - grizzly dyed golden olive (4 Tsp Rit Golden Yellow, 1 Tsp Rit Camel)
shoulder - golden pheasant yellow body feather
collar/head - deer hair dyed olive