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Thread: Need Surf Perch patterns

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    Default Need Surf Perch patterns

    If anyone has a good Surf Perch fly pattern, could you please post a pattern or pic?

    A link would also be apreaciated.


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    I used to fish the surf near San Diego when I would visit my parents in the area. Used a 7 weight rod with a 225 grain sink tip line. Flies should also be heavily weighted. Many fly patterns include orange to suggest the roe of the sand crabs that the perch feed on. Here is a good article on fly patterns that will give you some ideas.

    There used to be a really good website, www.fliflicker.com, which had a great forum and a collection of fly pattern articles, but it seems to have vanished. You might try searching it with the "wayback machine" to see if you can unearth some of its information.


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    Here's another site w/ some bugs..... http://zenflyfishing.com/
    As to specific fly necessity,with ALL the varied bugs that have worked for us, we are of the theory that being in the fish is MUCH more important than what gets thrown at them. Move if you ain't getting bit.
    Where they do it makes them so very dependent on opportunity, they gotta bite if it looks any sort of good.....NOW!
    Of course, be careful....
    .....lee s.

    ps....and https://www.pinterest.com/markdavisa...f-perch-flies/
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