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    We've moved to St. Louis, Missouri! What a busy week, and still TONS of stuff to unbox and get organized at our much smaller place.

    I got out fly fishing Saturday morning. Had to drive 30 minutes, but found a lake that is posted "C&R Only" and "No Live Bait or Scented Baits/Lures". Perfect for me. There was one other angler when I got there, and he eventually left, so then I had the whole lake to myself. At a popular recreation area. Near St. Louis. On a Saturday. What??? :headbang:

    First fish...a Redear Sunfish!

    Later, another...with orange eyes?:

    Caught some bluegills, didn't take any pictures of them. Caught some suspected Redear/Bluegill hybrids:

    I caught 3-4 bass (two on a popper). None were very big, this wasn't the biggest, but it was really dark colored:

    I caught quite a few Green Sunfish. Really good-looking fish, even the smaller ones. Some were pretty good sized, I measured one that was a good 8".

    The water was reasonably clear. I was able to spot some Redears. The spawn was over quite a while ago....these were just going about their normal business of feeding, so I could watch their behaviors. It was pretty interesting. I could also watch them react to my flies/jigs. They'd feed anywhere from the bottom to the surface. They are very finicky...they'd look at nearly everything I'd try, but then refuse it.
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    David Merical
    St. Louis, MO

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