Found this variation of the Iris Caddis on Planettrout?s site; combines the goodness of Mathews, Weise and Potter in one tasty morsel. Never thought of using pink for the hydropsyche hatch (I?ll have to downsize to a #16) but pink flies have produced well on Montana streams, so I?ll give them a shot. My barred ginger cape is very weak - short quills, sparse barbs, but the color is good so I used it here (next time I?ll wrap a ginger and grizzly)

hook - WFC Model 3 #12
thread - Danville 6/0 brown
shuck - Congo Hair white
rib - Mirage Flash opal
body - Danville flatwax shell pink
wing - Congo Hair white
thorax - Ice Dub un brown
hackle - barred ginger