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Thread: Stone fly swap 2020

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    Default Stone fly swap 2020


    I will IM my address to all tyers.


    Flys due June 3

    Please toe tag all flys, send 6 If you want one of yours back.

    Send flys with a self addressed envelope with proper postage.

    Look forward to seeing them!

    Flies to be mailed to me, I will IM the particulars when full. Mail flies in box you want them returned in, enclosed in envelope self addressed with proper return postage. Please ,toe tag, flies with fly and tier info. One fly for each entrant+ one extra if you want one back.

    I will also post pics of flys when finished.

    I will enclose a small gift with all returned fly sets.

    TYER_______________________fLY____________________ _Recieved_____________Shipped back And received

    1) SCG_______________Norm woods special_______________done_______________5/26
    2)MELK_____________General stonefly Nymph______________05/26______________
    3)John________________duckstones__________________ ___05/20_______________
    4)Rick Z_______________black variation___________________05/11_______________
    5)BadBug_____________Skwala Stonefly dry________________05/20______________
    6)WWkimba _________________TBD_______________________05/21_______________

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