I've been playing around with Mister Twister Floating Jig Heads and they look great in the water so I thought I try something a bit larger with a heavier hook for bass. This is tied on a size 2 Matzuo Sickle Jig hook. I used a closed-cell foam head with 3D eyes that I make from flipflops. I sliced the foam and glued it so that the hook rides point down and the tail rests at about a 45-degree angle when at rest. I added a thin plastic lip which I bent to make it a "wake" fly that dives on the retrieve and slowly raises to the top after the strip. A bit of fur for the tail, a mylar dubbing brush for the body and a red hackle feather for the collar. I tried it out for a few minutes just to see the action and it looks like a winner. Now, all I need is some warm weather to give it a good test run. Just thought I'd share.Wake FLy.JPG