When I saw that fish USA had Mister Twister floating jigs on sale for 80% off, I thought I'd take a chance and see if I could do anything with them that would work well for bass. Here's what I came up with on my first pass. It has a very slight buoyancy with the materials tied on, but slowly floats to the top with the tail pointed at about a 60-degree angle. It looks just like a dying fish gasping its last breath as it floats back to the surface. Another simple tie. I give the head a slight squeeze with needle-nose pliers to flatten spaces to mount the 3D eyes. Then I use a marker and sparkly nail polish to give it some color and give it all a coat of UV Epoxy to lock the eyes in place. I tie in a bit of fur for the tail, wrap a dubbing brush for the body, and wrap a red-dyed hackle for the collar. It weighs next to nothing so it should cast fine even with a four-weight. That said, I suspect that it will draw some strikes from good-sized bass, so a heavier rod might be a good idea. It's just a dressed-up Mister Twister floating jig head, but I just thought I'd share so folks starting to get cabin fever might want to tie some up for spring and summer season.MisterTwister floating jig flies.JPG