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    Default Fly swap 2020!

    SWAP IS CLOSED. It?s a GO!

    7 tiers total. I Will IM MY ADRESS TO ALL TIERS.

    ALL FLIES ARE IN! 02-10-2020

    BACK IN THE MAIL 02-11-2020


    How about a wintertime trout nymph?

    Lets try for 8 tiers. 6 will be a minimum. As high as 10 would be acceptable.

    A trout nymph typically used in winter.

    Will cut off entry?s Jan 5

    Flies due a month after swap is full. Feb 5.

    Flies to be mailed to me, I will IM the particulars when full. Mail flies in box you want them returned in, enclosed in envelope self addressed with proper return postage. Please ?toe tag? flies with fly and tier info. One fly for each entrant+ one extra if you want one back.

    I will also post pics of flys when finished.

    I will enclose a small gift with all returned fly sets.

    Tiers:_____________________FLY____________________ ___________________Status

    1)SCG, ____________Red epoxy John, (Cravin)_____________________________~DONE~
    2)Rick Z____________8 color PTN_______________________________________RECEIVED
    3)John 52948________wired pheasant tail flymph___________________________RECEIVED
    4)HAP_______________AK. Something___________________________________RECIEV ED
    5)GQualls_________ Trout Assassin or Olive Hoover_________________________RECEIVED
    6)nfrechete___________Frenchie____________________ ____________________RECEIVED
    7)BadBug_________bead head bruised (black/blue/purple) nymph______________RECEIVED

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