Hex Trude

Hook - Mustad #9671 or #9672 Size: 6
Thread - Tan
Tail - 8-10 Moose mane or body hairs
Body - Pale yellow or tan poly yarn or dubbing
Wing - White calf tail, tied trude style
Hackle - Grizzly & brown, mixed

Tying Tips: Standard techniques

Fishing Tips: Developed for the Hexagenia hatch. This fly works really well in especially in very light or extremely heavy hatches. The fly floats well and is easily seen. When fishing heavy hatches try casting upstream and to the right or lift of the trout, and then twitch the fly into his window. On many occasions I have been able to coax large trout into striking this pattern long after all feeding has stopped.

Historical Note: Jeff Bonin developed this pattern around 1987. It?s a very simple yet durable pattern. According to Jeff, ?it?s my top Hex pattern.? Jeff is the owner of ?Steelhead Connection Custom Flies,? located in North Muskegon, Michigan.