American Woolly

Hook - Mustad #94831 Size: 6
Thread - Black
Body - Black Hackle, Brown Hackle, Black Hackle, palmered. Tied as tight and heavy as possible. Trim to resemble a woolly worm caterpillar. Trim it flat or tapered on the ends.

Tying Tips: Easy to tie. Be generous with the head cement.

Fishing Tips: This is a great pattern for late fall. Bump it off a log or stone. Cast it in near the shore or in any pocket waters. Big trout love it ! Can also be used
for pan fish tied in smaller sizes or for bass in larger sizes. Trim the bottom of the hackle for a lower profile.

Historical Note: For years I?ve found these Woolly Worms (Pyrrharctia isabella) along the banks of American rivers. My fascination with caterpillars lead me to develop a high floating dry fly that closely resembles the ?Woolly? and that the fish just can?t refuse.