Collared Caddis

Hook - Mustad #94833, #94840 or R50X-94845 Size 8-18
Thread - Black
Abdomen - Dubbing (natural or synthetic), black, brown, tan, yellow, gray or green.
Wing - Natural elk hair, tied caddis style, down over the back, slightly beyond the bend
of the hook.
Thorax - Peacock herl.
Head - Trimmed butts of the elk hair wing, caddis style or crown style.

Tying Tips: You may use any dry fly hook. Dubbing can be used in any color to match the insects in
your area. With this pattern I have had the greatest success with Super Fine Dry Fly
Dubbin. After tying in a thorax of thread, trim the head and then go back to overwrap
the thread with peacock herl.

Fishing Tips: This is an all season long caddis pattern. Just match the body color and the hook size to
the insects on the water. Can be fished in most all water situations.

Historical Note: Created by Tom Deschaine in 2014. This is truly a remarkable fly pattern! It was primarily designed to reduce the number of caddis patterns that I usually carry.