I'm sorry for your difficulties and I can relate to the pain you're feeling. I did a lot of physical work as a younger man and my back paid the price. I ignored the pain as long as I could, but last year the sciatica got so bad that it was debilitating. I was hunched over in agony just walking to my truck. I finally broke down and had back surgery. The tests showed that I had complete blockage of vertebrae L1-L5 in my lower back. On top of that two of the discs in my back had been damaged long ago and had calcified as I just pushed through the back pain. The surgery involved a laminectomy on L1 through L5. It was no fun and the recovery took longer than I expected, but it took 30 years off of my back. The surgery was in mid November last year and I am back to full speed now. I understand that their are a lot of different reasons that one suffers from back pain. Your condition sounds different than what I had, but the surgery was the best thing I've ever done for my body. Best of luck and please keep us posted. I will keep you in my prayers for a successful treatment.