I’ve moved on to Rit liquid as my preferred dye; it’s cheap, effective, readily available and there are plenty of sites with formulas that take all the guesswork out of mixing to obtain specific colors. I do like Koolaid Ice Blue Raspberry; it yields a nice Silver Doctor Blue that I’ve had trouble replicating with Rit. I use glass bowls or cake pans for dyeing.
I usually just let the feathers dry on paper towels; if I want to use them right away, I’ll use a hair drier. For stuff like deer hair pieces or whole necks, I’ll put it between layers of newspaper with something heavy on top (book, brick, etc) to keep it from curling during the drying process (usually takes a day or two.
At some point I may re-shoot the SBS I did for dyeing a while back - those pics were loaded onto Photobucket and I no longer maintain accounts there.
Hope this helps.