You walk upon it in late March. Your trout radar starts to sound. You look at the view before you. You adjust your view to go with the season. You assess your environment. The sun and the water temperature are considered. Were you stealthily when you approached the hole? Did your approach spook the hole? Are there any obvious hatches? Did anything spook as you approached?

You only planned on scouting this outing. You approached the hole from the absolute wrong direction. The water was turbulent but the wary trout still identified you as a threat because you walked up on the hole from upstream. There were no leaves on the trees and underbrush. You might have well as thrown a big boulder in the hole because you were not catching anything. They saw you way before you saw their home. Plan ahead the next time. Look for an overcast morning. Plan your casts. Don't drop your presentations directly on their head. Those studded wading boots make sounds we can't hear but the trout do. Keep your shadow off the water.