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    Decided to take the trailer out on a shakedown run to test out the new converter. Busted the old one on the drive down the east side road of Hungry Horse (a case to be made for installing shocks; even driving the 20 miles in 90 minutes, the inside of the trailer looked like it had been in a paint shaker). Here’s a useful SBS someone was nice enough to post if you ever have to install one; it helps to have the hands of a 10 yr old Persian rug weaver. Bottom line up front, success!

    Beeline out of the forest and onto the plains to see if we can find some cutts that don’t know their east from their west. First time in a few years where you can see the sky in late summer

    Deposit the rig and start soaking up all that free energy

    Off to the hills

    A good place to start. There’s been a nice one(s?) roaming the back end of the run the past few times I‘ve fished here; had a few refusals and busted off once or twice

    I’ve shown them enough foam; comes out of the water for this one, but misses connection

    Reload (found this on Ed Engle?s site; bulked up the head a bit with Ice Dub), wait a few minutes

    And Bob’s your uncle

    Lucky I got that one early on, ‘cuz things are a bit slow for the rest of the day. A few rises and I pick up a couple but the catching part of the day lags a bit behind the fishing part; pretty water and pretty country, though.

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