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Thread: Pecos River NM Aug. 2019

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    Default Pecos River NM Aug. 2019

    Fished the Pecos River in NM this past August 2019.

    Caught a lot of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout.

    Used a Dry and Dropper setup for the shallow pocket water and along the bank:
    Tenkara Rod: Tenkara USA Iwana
    Line: 9 ft of #3.5 Tenkara USA Level Line
    Tippet: Trout Hunter => 3 ft of 5X to dry fly and 8 - 12 in. from bend of Dry Fly to dropper.
    Dry Fly: #12 Olive Elk Hair Caddis
    Dropper Fly: #12 Bead Head Utah Killer Bug and #14 Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph

    Used a Euro Style setup for deeper pools:
    Tenkara Rod: Tenkara USA Amago
    Line: 8 ft of #3.5 Tenkara USA Level Line
    Tippet: Trout Hunter => 5 ft of 5X to 1st fly on a tag dropper and 18 in. of 5X to 2nd fly.
    1st Fly: #14 Bead Head Jig Rainbow Warrior
    2nd Fly: #14 Bead Head Jig Pheasant Tail Nymph

    Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg Picture3.jpg

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    Looks like great fun.


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    Great day!
    Isaiah 41:10

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    Thanks for letting us know how you rigged your rod. I am just starting to try a little tenkara fishing.
    Were the fish taking the dry or the nymphs? What was the average depth of water in the areas that you fished?
    Thanks xfishcop

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    About 90% of the fish took the nymph. Some would rise short, but then take the nymph when they turned to go back down. The other 10% that did take the dry was great also. I get the best of both worlds on watching fish take a dry fly or watching the cork (i.e. dry fly) go under the water indicating a strike. The dry and dropper worked well in the shallow pocket water on the Pecos. This water is about 1 ft to 2 ft in depth. It would also work in the deep pools (3 ft to 5 ft deep). However, after fishing the pool, I would go back through it with the Euro setup and pick up more fish. No doubt about the strikes with the Euro set up. I found that the Dry and Dropper worked better in the shallow water than the Euro setup.

    To give you another thing that I did was to use the Non-Slip-Loop knot for tying on all the flies (including the dry fly). See below on how to tie the Non-Slip-Loop knot.

    Thanks Vinny


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    Great info,really appreciated. Like I said I am just venturing into tenkara. Your rigging sounds like it would work around here.

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