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Thread: Request suggestions for required PFD when fishing from a boat....

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    Default Request suggestions for required PFD when fishing from a boat....

    Only looking for a recommendation for something minimally invasive to have ON the boat to be legal.....inflatable belt? Suspenders? I already searched and reviewed inflatable suspenders and inflatable belts. Then it occurred to me I am not looking for something to wear while fly fishing from my little pond hopper boat. But just something to have on the boat to meet legal requirements for boating. But the smallet out of the way thing.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am not fearful of capsizing or being suddenly dumped into the water. No problems there....so just something to be legal....but small out of the way kind of thing.



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    I have worn SOSpenders for quite a while. I also wear it while wading in roiled and or high water. I think I got mine from Cabelas. They don't interfere with my casting stroke. Adios Philip

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    Having an inflatable in a boat does not count if you are checked by the authorities, it must be worn, at least that the rule in GA. But, I wear mine when on the water.
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    tka UJ. I was not aware of that. SOSPenders do not come up on Amazon nor Cabelas. But plenty of them on Ebay.....
    Thanks also Phillip...
    I don't need the BEST suspenders or pfd....just wish to get by legally....with minimum space taken up
    tks again boaf of you....oddly enough the two simple posts gave me lots of more ideas and things to look at....look for

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