I was just reading an article tonight about John Volker, Aka Robert Traver, that mentioned his favorite flies. Of course, he was from the MI UP and fished there mostly years ago. His favorite flies, according to the article, were the Candy Striper, Jassid, Betty McNault, Slim Jim, small Adams and the nymph. A couple of them were probably local pattern. The nymph looks like a hare ear. I was just wondering what some of you would list as your favorites given all the new patterns out there and your location.

I would have to list the Adams and Purple Haze as my favorite dries along with the Betty, Roberts Drake and the Madsen Skunk (variations) on the Ausable in MI. I really don't have a favorite nymph since there are so many, small and large. Of course, there are others depending on the time of year and the hatch, but just generally speaking. Steamers are out of the question...just too many to address. Any comments/critiques?