And I am stunned, perplexed, and paralyzed by the number of choices out there.

So I'd appreciate any help in wading though the options.

I have an old St. Croix Legend Elite 9' 6wt rod -- it was regarded as "fast" at the time (late 1990s or so), though I suppose some might think it "moderate-fast" now. I mainly use it for targeting smallmouth bass in small-to-mid-sized streams and rivers. And mostly I'm casting streamers like (weighted) woolly buggers and Clousers. I occasionally toss smaller poppers and sneaky petes.

In addition, maybe once a year I get to fish out west for trout with it. Some of that fishing uses an intermediate line and I got that covered. But I'd like to be able to do some dry fly fishing for trout as well.

If budger were no concern and I could actually keep track of everything, I suppose I could get two floating lines -- one aimed mainly at casting dry flies to trout. But I'd way rather just have one line.

Any suggestions appreciated...