I have an 11" Amundson 3/4 wt switch rod. I intend to use it for trout and perhaps landlocked salmon in the state of Maine. I do not know how to fish with it yet. I only intend to use it from a boat sitting on a lake. It balances at different places on the forward grip. I will use it as a single had casting rod with two hands sort of. I am not going to learn all the spey casts with it. Just fish with it. It could be balanced like a spey rod at the most forward grip.....or down at the spot where casting it like a single had fly rod....or just split the difference and balance it in the exact middle point....between the other two spots.

At what place would one balance the rod with the correct weighted reel equipped with fly line to use the setup the way I intend to use it?

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.