Thank you Sagefisher. I understand. I had gotten away from the practical side of it.....going down the deep hole of it all. I do take into consideration the line.....when I balance my rod I have the rod strung up with the reel....but the line hanging out the end sort of down to projected water leve. I do not seek exactness here.....or perfection. Just a ballpark thing where I will be content with it. I allow for some give or take either over weighted with too big a reel or underweighted. But....if I am going to fish all day....I do not wish to be holding the tip of a 11-12 foot rod up with my wrist while fishing.....all day long because the tip end of the rod is so much heavier than the reel end. And vice versa. And when walking a long way I hope the rod to be somewhat balanced while walking along. I do not know what to do about most things. So I just plug along. I have a 12' 5/6 two handed rod that balances rather nicely with about ounces of reel and line. I have the exact same weight rod from the same manafacturer....5/6 spey rod.....that would require 38 ounces to balance at the fulcrum or pivot point. ONE POUND TWELVE ounces! oh well.........anywhooo....thank you Mr. Sagefisher for your input. As always your input....information is great information.

ps....I am probably wasting my time......perhaps just "go fish"