I have fished the 'lower Clark Fork' from Forest Grove to Paradise many, many times. All on guided float trips. All very worthwhile trips to take. The drive from Missoula to St. Regis is a bit long, around 100 miles. If you decide to go guided on that portion of the Clark Fork, go with the Clark Fork Trout fly shop/guide service in St. Regis. Steve Temple is very good as a guide. That portion of the Clark Fork is huge (the Clark Fork is the largest river flowing out of Montana) and to try to fish it from the shore is really difficult.

The upper Clark Fork, I have only fished once, from Clinton to Turah. Up there the river is a lot smaller. I prefer the lower Clark Fork.

Rock Creek is decent, but if the weather is nice you will get a large 'Missoula Hatch' during the day, a lot of fly fishers. I preferred the upper Rock Creek area myself, out of Philipsburg. A great little stream and it even has a very small population of Golden Trout (brought in to Montana way back in the early 1900's).

You mentioned the Thompson River out of Thompson Falls. I used to fish that a lot. It has good access. In the spring, there is a fantastic Mother's Day hatch of Salmon Flies, just for info. It is a long, very long drive from Missoula.

Back to the Clark Fork. If you wanted to drift the river in a pontoon boat or something, there are a few decent but short drifts you could do. Talk to Steve or Peggy Temple and they will be more than happy to tell you the best drifts at that time of year. Sloway to St. Regis is a good one. Dry Creek to Sloway is also good. The water will be low and slower than late spring and early summer.

The whole area has great scenery and lots to look at.

Hope you have a good time.

Larry ---sagefisher---