Back on the right coast for a bit. Lawn was still a bit wet from morning showers so I rummaged around the gear I have and came up with a 4wt, an old S/A reel (the drag sounds like baseball cards on bicycle wheel spokes but unless I hook one of the grass carp swimming in the pond it won?t matter) and some bits of foam.

secret fishing access

fishing machine II/former tot-rod

this place will be hopping next week

this is why you wear a hat; it's nesting season and hair works just as well as twigs and grass to them

open water; got to make sure I don't hook any baby strollers on the back cast

a few of these (didn't find the bed with the hand sized ones in the time allotted)

a couple of these

on this (they're just as stupid as trout)

Time to saddle up and hit the mean streets of NoVA; grass is dry and I gotta mow