It’s been said that there are 3 stages of a fisherman’s life. In the first stage, you want to be able to catch the most fish. In the second stage you want to catch the biggest fish, and in the third stage you want to be able to fool the hardest ones to catch.

Actually, I believe there are sometimes 4 stages of a fisherman’s life, and it’s that fourth stage of a fisherman’s life that others will remember, and be thankful for, long after a fisherman has gone. You see, the fourth stage of a fisherman’s life is when you freely share all of your knowledge and experience with others so that they will experience the same joys that you experienced as you passed through the first 3 stages of your life.

Ladyfisher was clearly in that fourth stage of her fishing life for these many years that FOAL has been up and running. We are thankful for all that she has so freely shared with us, and we thank you too, Neil, for continuing to maintain this website for us, and in her memory.