We've had a slow start to our carping season, due to the flooding in Nebraska, but slowly but surely the action is picking up. It takes 5+ days depending on how much rain we get, before the creek we fish is clear enough to sight fish. Here are some videos if interested. Videos are in descending order from most recent. Tight lines!

3 MAY 19
The water was clear enough that I could see a big common on a slow cruise. I made a few casts and missed the hookset (2nd part of video). I looked to my right and saw another common on patrol. Made 1 cast, a drag & drop, and the common turned on the fl fuchsia SJW, ate it, and the fight was on.


2 MAY 19
A fishing buddy & I crossed the Missouri River and fished the Iowa side, at Indian Creek & the pedestrian bridge the goes into Omaha. Indian Creek is definitely technical. The technique that worked was to make a long cast from the trail, and if you wanted to move sideways, you had to do it slowly, because the fish were very spooky. I landed one common with colorful fins (spawning colors), after clearing a tangle in the running line. While the common was moving around, it was spooking the other fish in the area. The second common landed at the pedestrian bridge was sneaky. I was casting to a small school of Asian carp, just to see if one would inhale the fly while feeding. I was shocked when one of the fish broke away from the school, chased and ate my the fly. At first, I thought it was either a bass or walleye, until I finally got a good look at it. It was small, but spunky.


24 APR 19
Water conditions on the creek were good enough to see lots of mudding going on. While walking to a productive spot, I spotted mudding going on. After a few casts in/around the mud plume, I saw my line jump, and was able to get a good hookset on a decent-sized common. The other 2 commons landed were smaller, but they fought well.


23 APR 19
Lots of mudding going on, but the fish were doing an eat & run. They'd feed in one spot, and move to the next possible area. Made a few casts in/around mud plumes, until I felt the hit on the line. Decent size grassie.


22 APR 19
I wasn't expecting much action with the cool & cloudy weather we had, but was shocked at all the mudding that was going on. The 2 grassies were the 2 only takers for the day.


19 APR 19
A new carp on fly convert learned how to fight and land his first common.