My wife Barb and I were wandering in northwestern Richland right near the Vernon line when I had to stop and take photos of this abandon house. At first glance you only see an old dilapidated house way out in the boonies. I saw something very different. At a closer inspection you see archways on all the windows and doors inside and out.I only viewed the ruins from the road. The pull to go inside and explore was almost more than I could contain. Private property is just that "private." This did not stop my imagination from going far afield. This home was built by a dreamer. I suspect the dreamer had been to Italy. The archways speak to this. The person brought Italian flair to rural Wisconsin quite some time ago. If the walls could talk. They would say....

A dreamer once lived here.

Just before I got back in the car I glanced back at the dream home from a distance. The gnarly tree and overgrown lilac bushes made me wonder just how this dreamer had lived.

tree made me wonder what kind of life the residents lived.