Did the regular late spring fishing run over to one of our local marl pits for the big "Bream" (bluegill) roundup! We take a couple of popup campers and set them up pond side, in a cluster of tall pines. It's private land and we have the owners' permission, one of our fly fisherman buddies is kin to him! We catch a good mess of them, clean 'em, and then have a big fireside fish fry! Always a great time. Nice sized bream - toss the smaller one back - along with the L/M bass. One of our OLD fishing buddies is a master fish fryer!

Lots of rain this spring, plus weather has been on the cooler side for these parts this spring. This season, like last year about this time, I have good results using a plain and simple soft hackle wet. I'm using my canoe, so I cast in close to the bank, let the fly sink a little, then a couple of "twiches" and that often gets results. Based on last year's trial results of what I had handy in my fly box to try - this year I tied up my variation of a "black beetle" and did it ever tear 'em up! I was in shock! I would post a pic of one of them but I'm too ashamed to post it here! So it's back to the drawing board to see if I can do a little more refinement in my black smith methodology of fly tying!

But a great time .... fishing, and a good sized bream is a delight to have on with my 9' 5wt (medium action); and great fellow shipping with like minded Nimrods!