Restocked the pantry, did some laundry, helped a friend build his patio, then headed back out again. Time to see if all the 8oz tube of Aquaseal I used on my waders (thanks Simms) plugged all the leaks. Flathead is starting to come up but still not much color to it

Passing Marias (Pass)

Decent snowpack; fingers crossed for a continuation of the cool spring we?ve had so far

Rolling backup

With runoff starting, I figure I have 3 options - tailwater, spring creek and stillwater. Waiting for the above leviathan to clear the highway, I make a command decision (Rock-Paper-Scissors) and stillwater wins. A bit of a gamble since I?m not sure if the ice has come off yet.

The road in is not very rutted and the scenery is pleasant

And this is even nicer.

A quick peek from the high ground and I find a pod of fish trying to procreate. Doesn?t show well in this light but there are anywhere from 3-6 ?bows swimming around those rocks on the right center side of the pic

Only took about 100 casts and 3 fly changes but finally connect with a fat hen; there would be no hunger in the lodge tonite (figuratively speaking; she goes right back in)

One more bump and that?s a wrap. I also quickly find that I need a bit more Aquaseal on some seams on the right leg

Time to see what the tailwater has to offer. Score my favorite site again. Lack of others is not a surprise; they?re pumping a lot of water thru the dam and wading venues are somewhat limited

Amazing; I usually have to donate a roll or two to the campground crapper. Montana FWP must be flush with cash this year