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Thread: What?s Not To Lek? 2019

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    Default What?s Not To Lek? 2019

    Part 1 - the Southern Reach

    No formal grousing activities this year (hoping for some funding to come thru for 2020) so I decided to wing it in a few known places, just to see how the birds are doing. They keep it pretty low-key here when you cross the state line.

    Dropping down into the Tendoys; snowpack decent

    A good bit of ice on Clark Canyon

    Went thru 2 pretty intense snow squalls on the way up the hill, over the pass and it?s a little calmer; Valle de Saltamontes

    Set up camp for the next few days

    A good vantage point (the lek is on the hill to the far right); usually a reliable site, this one was active if not crowded. 12 birds sighted (sorry, this one?s a bit far away for pics), they flushed when a golden eagle buzzed the hill and that, as they say, was that

    Tried to get a shot putting the camera up to the binoculars but this one?s just a bit too far away (this did pan out later on)

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